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Open Source.
Cloud Migration.

We ease and accelerate migrating databases at scale with optimize operational cost to open source databases.

Database Migration at Scale

Flexibility & Open Source

Empathy and Enablement

DataCloudGaze PostgreSQL Consulting

We Empower our Customer on Journey to Open source databases.

At DataCloudGaze Consulting, we specialize in executing large-scale migrations to a variety of preferred cloud platforms for open-source databases such as PostgreSQL. Our suite of open-source tools streamlines migrations from Oracle, ensuring ease at scale, and significantly cuts down PostgreSQL adoption costs by 50-60%. We advocate helping our customers without any hidden stickiness introduced by major cloud vendors.


What We Offer

DataCloudGaze provides a comprehensive service specializing in Database migrations, primarily for PostgreSQL. Utilizing our open-source tools, users can seamlessly execute migrations at scale or seek our consulting services for expert guidance.

All in One - DCGMigrator

Automated CLI-based solution for end-to-end migration, assisting customers transitioning from Oracle. Reduces initial onboarding and operational cost.

Stickiness Analyzer

Our goal is to liberate migrations to PostgreSQL or its compatible versions, ensuring openness, agility, and freedom from lock-ins for AWS Customers. It enable abitility to choose any PostgreSQL platform without hidden restrictions or extensions.

Programming Console

We specialize in accelerating code conversion for customers transitioning to PostgreSQL, and our fixed billing, based on lines of code, simplifies hidden complexities.

We offer enablement cohorts to build expertise on performing PostgreSQL migrations at scale, empowering partners or organizations with database migration requirements.

DCGMigrator - Enable End to End Migration to PostgreSQL on Cloud

Automate end to end migration*(Beta Preview)

Our DCGMigrator facilitates seamless one-click migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, enabling the migration of databases at scale within an organization. Enriched with comprehensive reports covering Oracle conversion planning, validation, and procedural code/trigger sanity, it streamlines PostgreSQL adoption for QA, Non-Prod, and Prod environments, enhancing overall cost efficiency and ease of use.

Command Line


Reduce 50-60% Migration Cost

AWS SCT - Extension Packs (aws_oracle_ext)

The aim is to provide AWS customers moved away or moving from commercial database engines like Oracle or MSSQL with the freedom to choose any cloud platform without hidden restrictions or stickiness or extensions. Our Solution overcome extension packs dependency introduce as part of conversion tool like AWS Schema Conversion Tool. Our sct-migrator app enables to transform extensions packs to native PostgreSQL alternatives.

Reduce Cloud Vendor Lock-in

Extension usage Report

Truly PostgreSQL

Ease Code Conversion to PostgreSQL with DataCloudGaze Consulting

Streamlined Code Conversion for Cost Efficient Migration

Code conversion in heterogeneous migration demands effort and cost. Despite available tools, manual intervention, testing, and initial validation remain necessary, incurring significant expenses and effort. Our aim is to expedite the migration process by assisting customers or partners with code conversion, achieving cost-effective translation quickly. We offer fixed pricing based on lines of code and complexity.

Reduce Migration Cost

Quality Code Conversion

Truly PostgreSQL

Maximize PostgreSQL migration with our open-source tools and consulting services.


Contact Us


Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400053


Mobile  : +91-9819961299

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